The S.O.C. Builder is a repository system designed to enhance the things that faculty do, but its primary function is to make all aspects of S.O.C. Building more efficient. The solution fosters an enriched collaborative experience among faculty. Managing the day-to-day work of academic units has never been easier.

The S.O.C. Builder includes most aspects of S.O.C. planning including hiring part-time faculty, maintaining a faculty directory, faculty profiles, hiring history (entitlement and evaluation), and FTE/SFR calculations. A primary feature isa live S.O.C. app for making course offerings and scheduling courses to be taught by teaching faculty/staff. A notification feature allows facultyto receive alerts.


Start in with a blank template ready for your
content in Course Development

What is the Course Development?

Course Development is the foundation of the S.O.C. Builder. This is where you create all course related essentials.

Set up Faculty Links
Keep up with evaluations and entitlements

What is Faculty Link?

Faculty links provide a personal dashboard for faculty where important messages and files can be received, retrieved and accessed.

S.O.C. Architect
Create your proposed S.O.C

What is S.O.C. Architect?

A place to design your weekly scheduleactivating two types of interactive appsfor assigning or collectively building teaching schedules.

Hire Experienced Faculty for Your Teaching Pool and Extend the quality of your part-time faculty

What is the Teaching Pool?

A recruitment tool with two operations: one for hiring teachers into advertised vacancies and a second for re-applying for the position as an existing hire.

S.O.C. Metrics
Depict values and success

What is an S.O.C. Metric?

Precise descriptions, frequencies, and percentages of predefined database data.

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Faculty can register and receive notifications of SOC in advance and part time faculty can apply for available positions.

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