An Almost Perfect Collaboration

If you are in pursuit of fairness, collaboration and interaction related to building the S.O.C (Schedule of Courses), the SOC Builder has a feature for creating a weekly schedule of courses in which faculty collaborate to make scheduling decisions. This is certainly the case with some departments, but this fair, collaborative, and interactive process is designed based on some operations for building the S.O.C in the Department of Communication Studies at a large university in California.


Here's how it works

Register for your faculty profile
Use the app for real time SOC collaboration tool and interact with faculty about upcoming course offerings
Fill out the templates designed with multiple options for alternative scheduling


Faculty must register so basic information is captured to get started with building the S.O.C in real time.


When using the app, each faculty select courses they desire to teach. Because individual faculty do not own courses, if there are fewer sections offered of the course thanthe demand among faculty to teach the same course, the faculty member(s) who've taught the course last or the mosttypically yields to other faculty who wish to teach the course. For example, based on the S.O.C, the course OMG 450 is offered every semester in one section. Dr. "Teach it all the Time" has taught OMG 450 for the past six semestersand really likes teaching the course. Dr. "I want next Dibbs,"whom has never taught the course, but has expertise in the topic area, would like to teach OMG 450 in the upcoming fall semester. In this scenario, because Dr. "Teach it all the Time" has taught the course for the past three years, Dr. "Teach it all the Time" will likely yield to provide Dr. "I want next Dibbs."This is Good News! Now there is fairness and communication.


The S.O.C Builder is extremely intuitive and easy to use. With dropdown menus, you can select the course you want to teach and hit submit. An easy to readweekly teaching calendar grid is displayed so faculty can identify the day of the week and allocated times to teach. Having this information at your fingertips, makes scheduling courses easier. If available classrooms are known along with the room capacity, this brings you closer to building the perfect schedule for the next semester.


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