The S.O.C (Schedule of Courses) Builder is a product of AMEE (Assessment Made Easy Everyday) and is powered by MSSRA, Inc.The S.O.C Builder assists departments or units in planning a schedule of courses for each term and managing the hiring process of part-time or adjunct faculty.

Course offerings are generally governed by the academic rules set by each school and college and not the S.O.C Builder.  We provide a collaborative option for faculty to own the scheduling process.

The schedule of classes is initially developed by each department using a template in the S.O.C Builder. At an affordable price, we provide additional training and technical support for the schedule building process.


Schedule Building Process

At the start of schedule building, the super admin will provide a list a courses offered in your Department/Unit, course descriptions and available classrooms. Using the templates provided will guide you through the process of setting a high standard for a collaborative and collegial process. The super admin will review course offerings for accuracy, build new course offerings and activate access to faculty. In addition, course offerings will be updated for correct day, time, instructor information, and course descriptions.

After each template is completed, the S.O.C Builder providesdownloadable forms that the Departments should correct. Once the schedule of classes has been finalized, it is published to an interactive site where faculty work together to build a weekly schedule. Before the schedule is published, departments can view details of their course offerings before printing.


Schedule of Classes

The finalized version of the schedule of classes is available to be printed.


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